Christian Kobi (CH) soprano saxophone and amplification
Tomas Korber (CH) guitar, electronics, ppooll
Kurt Liedwart (RU) modular synthesizer, electronics, ppooll
Christian Müller (CH) clarinet, electronics
Mikhail Myasoedov (RU) modular synthesizer, electronics
Boris Shershenkov (RU) phonotrone

How secluded can contemporaneity be? Is every art aimed at an inherent center? Are sound waves soft boundaries? Pack a bag, a sky and a bonfire log to join six exceptional musicians on their expedition to the rough and mellow edges of electronic sound. Periferiya is a Russian-swiss collaboration between Boris Shershenkov (St. Petersburg), Kurt Liedwart and Mikhail Myasoedov (Moscow), Thomas Korber (Zürich), Christian Kobi (Berne) and Christian Müller (Biel) which took place in the remote Vallée de Joux, on the border between Switzerland and France. An encounter of six related yet distinctly different approaches to music, sharing mutual roots in their appreciation for the first generation’s electronic music in Russia and Switzerland. Curated by Christian Müller, the project’s aim was to create querulent and contrasting resonances where the nothing meets the something, where the murmurs range the woods. Recorded during the Hors Normes Festival 2019, Periferiya is an ever playful and surprising sextet that takes you with a minimalistic approach through acoustic layers, through crisp sediments of electronic experiments, microsounds, improv and pop ambient, through full color sound landscapes at last.

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