• Christian Müller is actually working with different partners on divers duo. Namely with Martina Berther, Antoine Läng, Ilia Belorukov or Anton Ponomarev.

Low Pass Boogie. Duo with the drummer Peter Conradin Zumthor. Intense and on the heavy side of the musical world. It’s groove and Noise, it’s complex and deep, it’s nuritation for brain and body.

DARK. Duo with the bass player Daniel Sailer. A powerful experience in the field of drone and doom: A bass, a contra bass clarinet, a lot of pedals and at least four Ampegs. Together they establish a deep soundscape and -sculpture that is as well influenced by metal music as by contemporary compositions, by Noise as by improvisation.

Infest. A collaboration between the instrumental rock band Ad’Absurdum and Strøm.

• Christian Müller curates the label deszpot, a place for outer limits, electroacoustic and experimental works. > www.deszpot.ch

• Christian Müller is co-founder and member of the program group of the festival Ear We Are. > www.earweare.ch

• With Loïc Grobéty Christian Müller is curating the festival Hors Normes. > www.horsnormes.ch