Christian Kobi and Christian Müller know each for years. As they have played together in different projects and contexts. Their work as a duo began in 2015.
In 2017 they released A Second Day on Herbal International. On this album they embrace a radical and novel sound world, in which they explore the sound potentialities of their reed instruments: bass clarinet and soprano saxophone. While the five pieces are based on precise concepts, they are played in a free and open way, emphasizing the instruments’ characteristics as well as the different musical approaches.
A Second Day is an exploration in the microstructures of sound: Christian Kobi uses a highly sensitive microphone to capture the rich acoustic sound and sound colors of his soprano saxophone. The electronic musician and clarinet player Christian Müller works with an experimental realtime-sampler and electronic sound effects to zoom into the sound objects played on his bass clarinet. As soulmates in the search for new sound qualities of their respective instruments Kobi and Müller create a subtle and peculiar sound universe.
Also in 2017 the two musicians presented their composition Ephemer, a performance in the Lorraine-bridge co-produced by the Musikfestival Bern, interpreted by Jacques Demierre, Regina Dürig, Big Zis, Dorothea Schürch, Christian Kobi, Christian Müller, Bertrand Denzler and Michael Thieke.
In 2020 they presented Drift (Composed, directed and curated by Regina Dürig, Christian Kobi & Christian Müller), a sitespecific music performance and installation over 4 days in the Krypta of the Church St. Peter & Paul in Bern. Drift was interpreted by Liz Allbee, Regina Dürig, Anna Huber, Christian Kobi, Christian Müller & Hannes Prisi. Drift was co-produced by and presented at the Musikfestival Bern.


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«A Second Day» / Herbal Records 2017