Butterland is the collaboration of the writer Regina Dürig and the musician Christian Müller. The Switzerland based duo works in the field of story and sound, their poetical and sculptural pieces seek an equal relation between music and literature, a mutual approach to narration and reduction.

Their piece Inventuren (released on www.deszpot.ch) was awarded several grants and, in addition to live performances, broadcast on national radio SRF2 in Switzerland. The piece Childhood Stories 2012, a poetic documentary about growing up in the 80s in China, was invited to the Berliner Hörspielfestival in September 2013.

In January 2013 and August 2016 Regina and Christian were artists in residence at the Herhusid in Siglufjördur, Iceland. During the whole month of March 2013 they turned the gallery arthur in Biel into the Goodnight Salon, a room and conversation composition, in which they performed a musical lecture from the Iceland material for four guests every night. In Winter 2015 they presented the produced audio piece «Aus dem Reisewörterbuch», which is based on stories and sounds created and found in Siglufjördur.

After a residency at Halka Art Project in Istanbul during August 2015 they presented «Les soirées festi» – eight exclusive dinners in the wineyards above the lake of Biel with literature and music, with stories and sound created and found in Istanbul.

In 2017 they are artists in residence in New York, supported by the Canton of Berne.

They were invited for live perfomances to festivals like Reheat (Nickelsdorf, Austria), «Neue Musik Markt» (IGNM Bern, WIM Bern at Dampfzentrale Bern, CH), «flash! (run and relay)» (PAKT at Neufeldstadion, Bern) and to several concert places all over Switzerland like Soundhund at Theater Chur, Wortraumklänge at Münster Bern, Théâtre de Poche Biel, …

Their audio pieces were broadcast on the national radio stations SWR 2 (Germany) and SRF 2 (Switzerland) as well as by several free and underground radio stations.

> www.butterland.ch
> www.butterland.bandcamp.com
> www.instagram.com/butterland_stories_n_sounds

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