Installations / Audiovisual works
«Drift» – 6-channel-sound-installation controlled by seismic real-time-data of Schweizerischer Erdbebendienst & ETH Zürich / Project directed by Christian Kobi, Regina Dürig and Christian Müller / Composed and programmed by Christian Müller / Krypta, Church St. Peter & Paul, Bern (CH), presented at the Berner Musikfestival

«AL NIENTE / NEAT LINE» – A participative sound- and textinstallation by Butterland (Regina Dürig & Christian Müller) with Thomas Flahaut / Sonart MV, Centre PasqArt, Biel (CH) 2019

«Feeding The Hand That Bites Us» - A) Construction B) Post C) Book / Exhibition at Lokal Int., Biel (CH) by Butterland

«Das Universum ist eine komische Sache» - Audio drama for the culture bus Billi by Butterland, Biel, 2013

«Childhood Stories – China 2012» – Sound installation for 40 speakers, Lokal Int., Biel, 2013

Live played sound installation at the Schiffbaufest with Gaudenz Badrutt, Theater Zürich, 2009

Audiovisual performance (music and video) «magma» by Strøm, Transmediale Berlin, 2009 / Festival 2 Tage Zeit Zürich 2012 / Temple St-Étienne – Collectif ödl Mulhouse 2011 / La Voirie, Biel 2013 / Mixtures Vevey 2013

Interactive sound installation «passage interne» by Strøm, Tonkünstlerfest Zürich, 2007

Audiovisual installation «tagebuch» by Strøm, Lokal-int Biel, 2007

Sound installation for the photo exhibition «Claude» by Enrique Muñoz Garcia, Bieler Fototage, 2006

Sound installation and film soundtrack for «Learning by Schrebergarten» (director: Jeanne Berthoud), Territoire Imaginaire, Expo02 Biel, 2002