Concerts (Selection)
2022: Toxoplasmose, St.Imier (CH) with Convulsif / Soapbox, Progr, Bern (CH) with Strøm / «Stepney Rising» at kopfhörer, Lokal Int., Biel (CH) / «Nightly brightness» by Butterland with Martina Berther, Jacques Demierre, Regina Dürig, Thomas Flahaut, Christian Müller & Marina Skalova, La Voirie, Biel (CH) / Le Singe, Biel (CH), Album release «Risse» by Butterland / Literaturfest, Luzern (CH) with Butterland / Butterland / Docks, Lausanne (CH) with Convulsif / Tour in UK with Christian Kobi, Concert with John Butcher & David Toop in Cafe Oto London, Concert with Sue Lynch, Lucie Stepankova & Christian Duka at Hundred Years Gallery London, Concert with John Butcher at ame, Huddersfield / Strøm & Tobi Schramm, Le Singe, Biel (CH) / Cave 12, Geneva (CH) with Convulsif

2021: Solstice Concert with Regina Dürig, Frank Heierli, Christian Kobi, Tomas Korber, Christian Müller, Annette Schmucki & Tizia Zimmermann, La Voirie, Biel (CH) / Three nights with Joyful Noise Orchestra, Le Singe, Biel (CH) / Iklectik, London (UK), The London Improvisers Orchestra / Boat-Ting, London (UK), Adrian Northover – Daniel Thompson – Christian Müller / Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK), Marcio Mattos – Marilza Gouvea – Adrian Northover & Christian Müller / Iklectik, London (UK), John Butcher & Christian Müller / St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, London (UK), The London Improvisers Orchestra / Kilbi Bad Bonn (CH) with Convulsif / Les Jardins Musicaux, Neuchâtel (CH) with Convulsif / Close Encounters 2021 Tiblis (GE) / Embassy of foreign artists, Carouge (CH), Shimmering – festival curated by Sergey Filatov / Kulturfabrik Burgdorf, Burgdorf(CH) hidden place of return – With Jacques Demierre, Camille Emaille, Christian Kobi, Christian Müller, Marc Unternährer & Antoine Chessex

2020: Solstice Concert with Regina Dürig, Vincent Glanzmann, Frank Heierli, Christian Kobi, Tomas Korber, Christian Müller, Annette Schmucki & Stefan Thut, Walcheturm, Zürich (CH) / «20 Jahre Strøm - Ein Festival» - A three day birthday-festival with Strøm, Jean-Philippe Gross (FR), Trio Süd Reduced (CH), Christian Pauli (CH), Doro Schürch (CH) & Gaudenz Badrutt, dieb13 (AT) & Billy Roisz (AT) & Christian Müller, Tamriko Kordzaia, Tomas Korber (CH) & Strøm / «Drift» by Christian Kobi, Regina Dürig & Christian Müller - Sitespecific Musicperformance and Installation, Krypta, Church St. Peter & Paul, Bern (CH), presented at the Berner Musikfestival. With Liz Allbee, R. Dürig, Anna Huber, C. Kobi, C. Müller & Hannes Prisi / Aktionshalle, Rote Fabrik Zürich (CH), Permiere of «The Black Rider – Der Freischütz» with Michael Flury, Gina Été, Christian Müller, Nicolas Stocker & Evelinn Trouble / Koncertkirken, Vinterjazz festival, Copenhagen (DK)with IMO / Inversia Festival, Murmansk (RU) with Myrmek / Kufa, Biel (CH) with Strøm

2019: Magasin 4, Bruxelles (BE) with Convulsif / Solstice Concert with Christian Kobi, Annette Schmucki, Regina Dürig, Frank Heierli, Robert Torche, Stefan Thut & Christian Müller, Lokal Int., Biel (CH) / Three nights with Joyful Noise Orchestra, Le Singe, Biel (CH) / IOIC Marathon – Live Score for the film «The man who laughs» (Paul Leni, 1928) by Convulsif, Walcheturm, Zürich (CH) / Amalgame, Yverdon (CH) with Convulsif / WIM Zürich (CH) – Christian Kobi, Vincent Galnzmann & Christian Müller / DOM, Moscow (RU) – Alexey Borisov, Anton Ponomarev & Christian Müller / New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg (RU) – SWISSTRONICA with Alexey Borisov, Periferiya (Boris Shershenkov, Brinstaar, Kurt Liedwart, Christian Müller), Llama & Olo / DOM, Moscow (RU) – Alexey Borisov, Brinstaar, Kurt Liedwart & Christian Müller / Richter Fest, DOM, Moscow (RU) – Alexey Sysoev, Vladimir Gorlinsky & Christian Müller / Jauna Festival, Vilnius (LT) with Strøm / Hors Normes Festival, Le Pont (CH): Periferiya, residency & three concerts with Christian Kobi, Tomas Korber, Kurt Liedwart, Christian Müller, Mikhail Myasoedov aka Brinstaar & Boris Shershenkov

2018: Joyful Noise Festival, Biel (CH) with Gaudenz Badrutt, Dieb 13, Camille Emaille, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Hans Koch, Jonas Kocher, Franz Loriot, Irena Tomasžin & Martin Schütz / «flash! (run and relay), PAKT, Neufeldstadion, Bern (CH) – «Übungen am Spielfeldrand» by Butterland / Extended Solo Tour in Peru, Chile & Argentina – concerts and performances a.o. with Lukas Ligeti, Luis Toto Alvarez, Sebastián Tapia, Juan Ignacio Morales, Cristián Alvear, Cecilia Quinteros, Pablo Díaz, Fernando Perales, Federico Barabino, Gabriela Areal / Butterland at zoom in Festival, Bern (CH) / Convulsif plays a live score for Cabiria at Le Bourg, Lausanne (CH) / IMO at Mózg Festival, Bydgoszcz (PL) / Tour in France, Belgium and Netherland with Convulsif / «Instabile Systeme», La Voirie, Biel (CH), first presentation of SOLO DUO, the new solo piece and instrument by Christian Müller, produced in collaboration with Michael Carter (programming & technical implementation) contrasted by concerts by Gaudenz Badrutt, Christian Kobi, Philipp Läng, Thomas Peter, Annette Schmucki, Stefan Thut & Robert Torche / Convulsif at Barbarie, Biel (CH)/ «A Second Day» – Tour by Christian Kobi & Christian Müller in Russia, Estonia & Finland / Hors Normes Festival, Le Brassus (CH) – Myrmek / Hors Normes Festival, Le Brassus (CH) – Frantz Loriot – Christian Müller – Dragos Tara – Julian Sartorius / Filmstelle Zürich & IOIC – Live Score for the film «Cabiria» (Giovanni Pastrone, 1914) by Convulsif / Brutal Festival, Bayamo, Holguin, Camagüey, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos & Havanna (CU) with Convulsif / Shayna Dunkelmann – Michael Carter – Regina Dürig – Christian Müller, Trans-Pecos, Bushwick, New York (US)

2017: Three nights with Joyful Noise Orchestra, Le Singe, Biel (CH) / EKL (Christoph Erb, Raphael Loher, Emanuel Küenzi) and Müller, Two days residency at Kulturbrauerei, Luzern (CH) / Fall Tour in France & Belgium with Convulsif / «Ephemer» by Christian Kobi & Christian Müller - Sitespecific Musicperformance in the Lorraine-bridge, Bern (CH), presented at the Berner Musikfestival. With Jacques Demierre, Bertrand Denzler, Regina Dürig, Christian Kobi, Christian Müller, Dorothea Schürch, Michael Thieke & Big Zis / Extended China Tour with Convulsif – Beijing, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzen & Hong Kong / Concert for the albumrelease «A Second Day» by Christian Kobi & Christian Müller, La Voirie, Biel (CH) / «Leads & Traces» comissioned and played by Ensemble Werktag in Zürich, Zug and Biel (CH) / Music for the Live-Text-Performance «Spazieren muss ich unbedingt» directed by Susanne Janson at Solothurner Literaturtage, Solothurn (CH) / Spring Tour in Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland & Czech Republic with Convulsif, a.o. at Noise Fest. #4 in SAS, Delémont (CH) and at Freistival, Nouveau Monde, Fribourg (CH) / Convulsif at Bieler Music Days, Coupole, Biel (CH)

2016: Joyful Noise Festival, Biel (CH), with Gaudenz Badrutt, Sarah Käser, Hans Koch, Jonas Kocher, Christoph Kurzmann, Christian Müller, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Lê Quan Ninh & Dragos Tara / IMO at Splitter Music Festival Berlin, at Kulturnhalle Leipzig and at Salon Pink, Gaswerk Weimar (D) / PLAYFULL - a little festival, Biel (CH), with Rea Dubach, Christoph Erb, Marcelo Maira Moya, Christian Müller, Hannes Prisi & Sebastian Rotzler / Releasetour for the album «IV» by Convulsif in Switzerland, France, Germany & Poland, a.o. at Bad Bonn Düdingen, MS Stubnitz Hamburg, Morbus Maximus Bischofswerda & l'Embobineuse Marseille / Release Concert for the album «X» by Strøm with Christian Wolfarth & Tomas Korber at Le Singe, Biel (CH) / Releasetour for the album «X» by Strøm in Russia, Poland, Estonia, Finnland & Germany / Hors Normes Festival, Le Brassus (CH) – «Just Looking – Just Selling» by Butterland / IMO in Walcheturm Zürich (CH) & Exploratorium Berlin (D) / Extended Solo Tour in Chile & Argentina – Solo concerts, collaborations and performances a.o. with Sergio Merce, Federico Barabino, Leonel Kaplan, Fernando Perales, Cristián Alvear, Felipe Araya, the dancer & choreographer Amanda Piña, the dancer Alexandra Mabes

2015: Neue Musik Markt, Dampfzentrale, Bern (CH) – «Just Looking – Just Selling» by Butterland / IOIC Marathon der Hochkulturen – Live Score for the film «Cabiria» (Giovanni Pastrone, 1914) by Convulsif / IMO at Studio Boerne, Berlin / Autumn Tour in Belgium & France with Convulsif / Tour with IMO in France / Les Soirées Festi by Butterland / DEER at Festival 3 Tage Strom, Zürich, presented by IGNM Zürich & Musikpodium Zürich / Spring Tour in Germany, Poland & Belgium with Convulsif / Presentation of the project Myrmek at Le Singe, Biel / Christian Kobi & C. Müller at La Voirie, Biel

2014: Joyful Noise Festival, Biel, with Gaudenz Badrutt, Isabelle Duthoit, John Edwards, Hans Koch, Christian Müller, Jérôme Noetinger, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Julian Sartorius, Martin Schütz and Derek Shirley / DEER at Festival Akouphène, Cave 12, Geneva / Tour in China with DEER / Concert at Salle Poma, Centre PasquArt with DEER and Yan Jun / «Werther versehrtes Herz» by Butterland at Reheat Festival, Kleylehof, Austria / Live-Soundtrack to «Lyrisch Nitraat» (Peter Delpeut) by DEER at VideoEx, Walcheturm, Zürich / «Les sons de la Vallée» – Patricia Bosshard, Loïc Grobéty & Christian Müller at Hors Normes Festival, Vallée du Joux / Several live performances with Regina Dürig, a.o. at Soundhund, Theater Chur, at WorkKlangRäume, Münster Bern / DEER at Sonic Mountains - Swiss Noise & Sound Culture, Dampfzentrale Bern

2013: Live-Soundtrack to Hamlet (Asta Nielsen) at Filmpodium Zürich by DEER invited by IOIC / Joyful Noise Festival. An orchestra with 21 musicians, a.o. with Hans Koch, Jonas Kocher, Gaudenz Badrutt, Thomas Peter, Julian Sartorius, BigZis, Patricia Bosshard, Alfred Zimmerlin, Martin Schütz, Jaques Demierre. Étage, Biel / Tour in Eastern Europe with DEER (Hans Koch, Silber Ingold & C.Müller) / Member of the IOIC-Crew during Art Basel, Honkong / During march: 31 performances with Regina Dürig in the project «Goodnightsalon», Biel

2012: Live-version of «magma» by Strøm at the festival «Zwei Tage Zeit», Rigiblick, Zürich / Joyful Noise Festival with Xavier Charles, Jean-Philipp Gross, Pat Thomas, Michael Vorfeld, Hannah Marshall, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Gaudenz Badrutt, Jonas Kocher and Christian Müller. La Voirie, Biel / Chinatour with IOIC / Go East. Tour through the eastern Europe with Strøm, Strotter Inst. and Flo Kaufmann

2011: Concert at the theater Chur with Dark / Tour with Strøm in France / Several concerts solo and with other musicians (a. o. with dieb13 and Billy Roisz) in Vienna / Start of the work as member of Insub Meta Orchestra and several concerts with this large ensemble / Solo concert at the «Lange Nacht der elektronischen Musik» in the Dampfzentrale Bern / Ad'Absurdum meets Strøm in Bad Bonn, Düdingen and in Biel

2010: Joyful-Noise-concert with Oren Ambarchi, Hans Koch and Martin Schütz / Strøm with FM Einheit, Walcheturm Zürich / «promenade a travers une œuvre» by Jonas Kocher, Biennale Bern / Initiation and conceptual work for «Soundscapes» – a series of 6-channel-surround-concerts at the Festival Pod'Ring, Biel / Strøm with Susanna Gartmayer & dieb13 at the Rhiz, Vienna / Ad'Absurdum meets Strøm at the museum of art Solothurn

2009: Live-played sound installation by Strøm at the Schiffbaufest of the Theater Zürich / «biennelectronic orchestra», a.o. with H.Koch, J.Kocher, V.Membrez at the Theaterspektakel Zürich / Tour in Netherlands and Germany with Strøm

2008: Festival Rue du Nord, Lausanne / Festival Zoom-In, Bern / Strøm with Burkhard Beins und Clayton Thomas at the Walcheturm Zürich (IGNM Zürich)

2007: «biennelectronic orchestra» at the Elfenaupark Biel / Audiosphere 1 (Helios) by Christian Kuntner, Open-Air-Installation with speakers hanging down form four balloons, Aarau / «Tanzlos» at the Pod'Ring Biel with Joy Frempong, Christian Kuntner, Lucas Niggli, Hans Koch

2006: Strøm with Jacques Demierre and Urs Leimgruber, Taktlos/Tonart Bern, broadcast of the concert & of a portrait on Radio DRS2 / Strøm-tour in Germany, Denmark. Norway & Sweden, a.o. at the Norbergfestival (S)