Awards / Grants / Recidencies
2021: «Kulturpreis der Stadt Biel/Bienne» for Strøm

2019: «Ici & Ailleurs 2019» – Butterland is granted by the Commission francophone chargée des affaires culturelles générales (CFACG) of the Canton Berne for the project «Rencontrer l’autre» with the french philosopher, linguiste and feministe Luce Irigaray.

2019: «Open Circuit» – Three month studio residency by Pro Helvetia in St.Petersburg & Moscow, Russia

2017/18: Six month residency in NY, US, with Butterland granted to Regina Dürig by the canton Berne

2016: One month residency with Regina Dürig at Herhúsið, Siglufjörður, Iceland

2016: «Aus dem Reisewörterbuch» is nominated at sonOhr Hörfestival & receives a «Lobende Erwähnung» at Leipziger Hörspielsommer

2015: A residency for composition by STV/ASM in Casa Pantrova (Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein)

2015: One month residency with Regina Dürig at Halka Art Projekt, Istanbul

2015: Nomination of «Werther versehrtes Herz» at Leipziger Hörspielsommer

2014: Nomination of «Adda» at Leipziger Hörspielsommer

2014: Prize of the jury for the best experimental work for «Childhood Stories – China 2012» at sonOhr Festival

2013: Nomination of «Childhood Stories – China 2012» at Berliner Hörspielfesival and Prix Phonurgia Paris

2013: One month residency with Regina Dürig at Herhúsið, Siglufjörður, Iceland.

2010: Commission «Music and Dance» by the swiss art foundation Pro Helvetia for the composition of the music for the dance-music-duet «Ohr» (Katharina Vogel & Christian Müller)

2009: Grant for the composition of the music of «Somnonaut», solo piece of the performer Philipp Boë with music by Gaudenz Badrutt & Christian Müller, by the SSA (Swiss association of the authors)

2008 and 2009: Work residencies at the Institute STEIM in Amsterdam with Strøm

2006: Six months residency «zeit» by Strøm on the Lofoten, Norway.

2004: First Price of the Concours de Reding (by Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein, the swiss association for contemporary music) with Strøm

2002: Reward «Coup de Cœur» for Strøm by the committee for music of the Kanton Bern

Several financial supports by the city of Biel and the Kanton of Bern for works by him as solo artist, by Strøm and by Butterland as well as supports for several tours (Solo, Strøm, DEER, Convulsif) abroad by the swiss arts council Pro Helvetia