Audio pieces by Butterland
«Bon voyage, les fantômes» (2023): Audio Piece / Text: Regina Dürig; Composition & fielrecordings: Christian Müller; Direction & Dramaturgy: Wolfram Höll. Production: SRF.

«Zwischen die Seiten geboren» (2023): Exhibition at etkbooks store, Bern (CH) / Presentation of the two publications entitled Zwischen die Seiten geboren in the Soundstory Script series (etkcontext 067) and Audio/Tape Edition (tkbks030) in as installation.

«Childhood Stories Moskau» (2023): Poetic Audio-documentation

«Nightly Brigthness» (2022): Composition for an author and a miusician. A space for text and music, a space for encountering each other

«Risse» (2022): Album and a snapshot of our slowly decaying kitchen floor. Releases on deszpot

«Die Mauer» (2021): Audio installation in the exhibition «Beyond Walls – Über Grenzen hinaus» at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

«Radio Anja» (2020/21): Six audio pieces for the Instagram radio project by Blablabor

«Das Schweigen Entziffern» (2020): Audio Piece. Commissioned by SRF.

«60 Übungen zum Ent-Entfernen» (2020): Audio piece for the exhibition CO_Vida_19 at Dispo Nidau / 20-minute version shortlisted for the Schweizer Radio & Podcast Festivals Sonohr 2021

«Childhood Stories Istanbul» (2019): Poetic Audio-documentation. Broadcast on SWR and WDR

«Übungen am Spielfeldrand» (2018): Live piece. Presented at the PAKT Event 2018 in the Neufeld stadium, Bern (CH)

«Die Mauer» (2018): Audio piece. Shortlisted for the ARD Pinball audio drama prize and was broadcast on SWR and SRF

«Feeding the Hand that Bites Us» (2018): Spatial and sound installation at Lokal Int., Biel (CH)

«Just Looking – Just Selling» (2016): Poesie-Noise-Performance for two voices, an electronic musician and a bazaar. First shown during the NEUER MUSIK MARKT Festival at the Dampfzentrale Bern (CH). Further representations: Hors Normes – Festival, Vallée du Joux (CH) / nadaLokal, Vienna (AT)

«Aus dem Reisewörterbuch» (2016): Audio piece. Broadcast on SWR and SRF, played at Hörfestival Sonohr, released as CD by the mail art edition Fästing Plockare, Biel (CH). Awarded in the category «international award» at the Leipziger Hörspielsommers 2016

«Soirées Festi» (2015): stories, sound & dinner. Eight performance and dinner-evenings for ten guests each, Festi Ligerz (CH)

«Werthers versehrtes Herz» (2014): Audio piece & live-performance. Premiered at Reheat Festival, Nickelsdorf (AT). Nominated in the category «international award» at the Leipziger Hörspielsommers 2015

«Das Universum ist eine komische Sache» (2013): Audio drama. Brodcast on SWR and in the Kulturbus Billi, Biel(CH)

«Childhood Stories China» (2013): Audio drama. Childhood Stories China was awarded with jury’s prize in the category ‘Experimentelles’ at the SonOhr Hörfestival 2014 in Berne. The piece was furthermore selected for the competition of the Berliner Hörspielfestival and the Prix Phonurgia Nova in Paris. It was also broadcast on SWR and released as CD by the mail art edition Fästing Plockare, Biel (CH).

«Goodnight Salon» (2013): Transformation of the OFF-Space arthur, Biel (CH) into a salon. Every night in march 2013 text, music and conversations for four guests.

«Liebes Meer» (2012): Poetic audio piece and live-performance.